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Nos services aux particulier
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Particular services

Digital technologies are increasingly present in our daily lives.
It is essential to have quality IT and digital web services to take full advantage of them.


We offer troubleshooting and maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning of your digital tools and help you resolve the most common IT problems. 

Bâtiment informatique

Hardware solutions

Blue screen, error when starting your hardware, defective or unsuitable component, difficulties configuring devices on your internal network, we bring you our expertise to resolve the fault quickly.

travail à distance

Remote solutions

Online attack, virus or malware, software problem, our expertise and our remote intervention provide you with the solution and repair of your equipment. Stop working in degraded mode due to a corrupt file, faulty or unsuitable hardware driver, or virus infection. 

Consultant Hotline
Espace de travail accessible

Web solutions

You do not have a website, no online storefront or you are already present on the web. We audit your site's infrastructure, help you optimize it and protect it from attacks.

In partnership, we ensure your visibility and optimize your image on the web.

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