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Upgrade to WINDOWS 11 22H2 immediately and worry-free !

As of January 2023 WINDOWS 8 and earlier versions are no longer updated by Microsoft. In January 2026 it will be the turn of WINDOWS 10 to suffer the same fate. Why work with the latest version of WINDOWS? Having the latest up-to-date version of WINDOWS ensures better security for your computer installations, better monitoring and the updates and patches necessary to protect you. Remember the company RENAULT whose factories were attacked around the world in 2017 because of its lack of investment in its IT updates. These factories were shut down after an attack on a flaw in WINDOWS XP which served as the operating system for their production lines and which had not been replaced. Source: LE POINT Are you still on a WINDOWS 10 or earlier version and have you thought about changing to WINDOWS 11? The update is free, only here, if your hardware is not exactly planned and authorized by Microsoft, it is impossible for you. The solution exists and it works perfectly, without any loss of data. You need to download a modified WINDOWS 11 20H2 ISO image for your hardware to be accepted. To do this, here is the very simple tutorial, no need to be a computer scientist. Make sure your windows version is WINDOWS 10, if lower it is recommended to upgrade to WINDOWS 10 first with all updates up to 20H2. Make a backup of your sensitive data, see your hard drive on another medium using cloning or backup software like DiskGenius. Download the WINDOWS 11 ISO by clicking on the link below: Windows_11_22H2_Bypass_22621.1344_X64_FR Once the file is downloaded, right-click on it and select "Mount". A new window will open, you just have to click on "Open". A folder opens, you click on Setup at the bottom. Here we go, updating your system to WINDOWS 11 20H2 will be done automatically while keeping your files, settings and applications. For any additional information, you can contact us on the website: Or if it bothers you to look for the dash of 6!


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