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This free questionnaire will allow you to test your knowledge of the essential points of cybersecurity.

Your email address is necessary because the test is automated. You will receive the correction in your mailbox immediately after clicking on "SEND" at the end of it.

You will receive your mark out of 40, as well as the answer key with its explanatory annotations of the correct answers.

You can take the test as many times as you want, the questions are asked in random order.

Depending on your results and your knowledge, if you deem it useful, you can then have your personal or professional network audited in order to take stock of your protection and consider the measures to implement to defend yourself.

If you want a more precise test and comprehensive cybersecurity training, the paid test is the right solution. This more precise and in-depth test will give you all the elements necessary for your cybersecurity.

It is paid because it contains complete training in the CISSP standard. If you opt to have an audit of your installations carried out, the amount will be deducted from the price of carrying it out.

For individuals, the audit is carried out online for a fixed cost, for businesses and professionals, it is carried out tailor-made and on site.

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